102 – Brain Care as Self Care

Exploring the Neuroscience of Well-Being
Linda Graham

By tapping into the innate neuroplasticity of the brain to reduce stress, regain equilibrium, and restore perspective and resilience, we can avoid compassion fatigue and burnout, and recover the creativity and flow of our work. In this experiential workshop, you’ll learn empirically-validated techniques to calm the nervous system, come to clarity in decision-making, heal toxic shame, and cultivate the courage to take growth-enhancing risks in your life. You’ll discover:

  • Doable micro-practices involving exercise, sleep, nutrition, learning, play, and social interactions that foster brain health and prevent/reduce cognitive decline
  • Ways to access gratitude, kindness, and joy to counterbalance the brain’s negativity bias and build resources for resilient coping
  • Techniques to turn regrettable moments into teachable moments that transform mistakes and losses into opportunities for enhancing learning and resilience
  • How to retire the inner critic and revive a sense of competency and connection with others


Linda Graham, MFT, has a private psychotherapy practice and leads trainings nationwide on the emerging integration of relational psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience. She’s the author of Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being.



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