109 – Awaken Your Heart

A Day of Movement, Meditation, and Dance
Daniel Leven

The heart is our core, our vital energy center. In this full-day experiential workshop, awaken your heart to new energy through a balanced blend of movement, meditation, and dance. You’ll discover a sense of aliveness and compassion that’s the source of healing joy, well-being, and deep connection with others. Please bring your yoga mat if you have one. All fitness levels are welcome. You’ll discover how to:

  • Release tension in your body through somatic movement exercises
  • Cultivate heart energy through loving-kindness meditation
  • Experience connection and attunement to others through dance
  • Explore how music and movement can enhance your capacity for intuition, empathy, and a calm mind


Note: No CE credit for this workshop.

Daniel Leven, MPC, RSMT, is founder and director of the Leven Institute for Expressive Movement and a faculty member at the Hartford Family Institute’s professional training program in In-Depth Body Psychotherapy.


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