110 – Powerful Public Speaking

Finding Your Voice
Dana LaCroix

Public speaking can be an exciting, joyful experience—or a nerve-wracking ordeal. This experiential workshop will help you learn to speak comfortably, confidently, and persuasively in public. You’ll dance, sing, laugh, improvise, and have the chance to push your boundaries in a safe, supportive environment. Through group and individual exercises, led by a professional singer and entertainer, you’ll develop increased confidence in your own voice and an understanding of how to command an audience’s attention with powerful physical presence and emotional authenticity. You’ll discover how to:

  • Confront and overcome your fears of speaking in public
  • Unlock the inner resources that will enable you to become more comfortable with your own spontaneity
  • Uncover the freedom and sheer joy of fearlessly and publically expressing your true self


Note: No CE credit for this workshop.

Dana LaCroix is a professional singer, songwriter, and critically acclaimed recording and touring artist. She’s written songs for feature films, been director of music at the New Drama School in Copenhagen, Denmark, and worked as a vocal coach at the Danish Academy of Music.

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