114 – Breathing for Your Life

A Pathway to Fuller Awareness
Jessica Dibb

We live, therefore we breathe—yet few of us are aware of the profound implications of how the way we breathe shapes our daily experience. In this session, we’ll explore how to use conscious breathing to regulate our emotional state, relax our overstimulated brains, increase our energy, improve our physical health, and expand our spiritual awareness. We’ll go through a range of breathing exercises that can help you enter into deeper states of consciousness and improve your resiliency, health, and creativity. You’ll discover:

  • Specific integrative and circular breathing practices to free you from emotional blockages and help you understand and transform anxiety, grief, anger, confusion, and self-hatred
  • How to practice belly-oriented breathing, which tones the parasympathetic nervous system, and heart-centered breathing, which can heal emotional wounds
  • The uses of full-bodied breathing to cultivate expanded states of consciousness and support somatic and cognitive well-being


Note: No CE credit for this workshop.

Jessica Dibb is the director of Inspiration Consciousness School and founder of Breath Immersion: From Science to Samadhi Conferences. She codirects the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance. 

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