116 – The Mindful Woman

How to Create a Sustainable Mindfulness Practice Plan
Caroline Welch

The biggest challenge to creating a sustainable mindfulness practice is changing the ingrained habits that get us off track. For many women those distractions come in the form of the nonstop, converging demands of work, clients, family, friends, etc. So how do we put limits on the seductive lure of the internet, give up multitasking, use “selective neglect,” ignore our devices for an hour, and end a day feeling that we’ve had enough time? This workshop will offer practical guidance about how to meet the challenges of creating and sticking with a mindfulness practice plan. This isn’t just another “feel good” mindfulness workshop. You’ll develop a practical strategy for increased well-being using the 4 Ps:

  • Presence — how to get off autopilot, spend more time in the present, and finally feel that you’ve “caught up”
  • Prioritizing — how to figure out what matters most for not only today but longer term while leaving space for the unexpected
  • Pacing — how to move beyond the ever elusive “balance” and “doing it all, all at once” to remember that life is a marathon
  • Pivoting — how to recognize when change is needed and that it’s always an option in decision-making


Note: No CE credit for this workshop.

Caroline Welch, JD, is a former corporate litigator of 20 years with an established meditation practice, cofounder with Daniel Siegel of the Mindsight Institute in Los Angeles, and cofounder of MindSightMedia, Inc., a startup in New York City.

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