117 – Our Photography, Our Selves

Using Your Photos to Inspire Your Writing
Dick Anderson

How often have you looked at a photograph and found yourself laughing, or crying, or overwhelmed by a wordless sense of awe? Often such images have little to do with F-Stops, aperture settings, or light meters. Rather, they’re the result of serendipitous, unexpected encounters with the world around us. Using beautiful Rock Creek Park as our photographic laboratory, we’ll develop a more nurturing and receptive relationship to our surroundings. Then, we’ll write about our photos—investigating layers of meaning and sharing the discoveries we awaken in each other. In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Discover how to use the art of photography as a gateway for personal discovery
  • Use poetry and other descriptive writing to enrich your photography experience
  • Apply what you learn in this workshop to help your clients find new ways to explore and express their feelings

Bring your camera and a few of your favorite photos to share. To share digital photos, bring a flash drive or USB cable. 


Note: No CE credit for this workshop.

Dick Anderson, MA, creative consultant for Psychotherapy Networker, is a wilderness photographer who’s canoed and trekked extensively in the wilds of northern Canada and Alaska.

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