219 – What’s New in Psychopharmacology?

Separating Myths from Reality
Frank Anderson

With so much controversy and contradictory research about the effectiveness of psychopharmacological interventions, it’s hard to know how to best work with your clients around the issue of meds. What are the new most promising medications on the market? Are antidepressants really any better than placebos? Why are so many clients prescribed antipsychotics these days? What are the prospects of breakthrough in the next generation of meds? In this workshop, you’ll discover the answer to these questions and explore the latest information about:

  • Our current understanding of how different kinds of medications impact the brain and nervous system
  • Current best prescribing practices for treating depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD, dissociation, psychotic disorders, insomnia, ADHD, and more
  • An overview of new drugs on the market as well as the next generation of psychoactive meds


Frank Anderson, MD, is a psychiatrist as well as a psychotherapist. He’s the executive director of the Foundation for Self Leadership and a supervisor at the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute.

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