319 – Disordered Eating and Body-Shaming

Overcoming the Challenges in Therapy
Sandra Wartski

Most therapists know that treating eating disorders (EDs) can be a very rocky journey. They also know that a culture awash with unrealistic ideals of body perfection can further exacerbate clients’ distorted relationships with food and body image. This workshop will provide therapists with a step-by-step approach to navigating these clients toward a more balanced relationship with food and body image while also including their families in the process. You’ll focus on:

  • The facts vs. the myths about what constitutes healthy eating and the difference between reasonable body goals and the toxic pull of unrealistic cultural images
  • Strategies to effectively address disordered thinking specific to food, body, and exercise, including reframing definitions of healthy eating, skills for tracking hunger awareness, and body-appreciation exercises
  • How to involve families in the treatment of clients with EDs by helping loved ones to discuss eating, weight, and body size more realistically and positively


Sandra Wartski, PsyD, is a licensed psychologist and a certified eating disorder specialist who practices in Raleigh, NC. She provides educational programming on this topic area for the public and other professionals.

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