402, 502 – Millennials Rising

How They’re Changing You and Therapy Forever
Parts 1 & 2
Ron Taffel

As the first generation brought up entirely in the digital age, millennials (18-35 years old) represent a sea change from previous generations of psychotherapy clients. Along with a review of the research on the distinctive lifestyle choices, diagnostic patterns, and self-regulatory issues of young adults today, we’ll examine how they typically approach treatment as knowledgeable yet vulnerable consumers, with expectations for quick, concrete results and a nonhierarchical connection that therapists must consider. This workshop will demonstrate shifts incorporating sensitivity about diversity, microaggression, and economic challenges as key factors in conducting treatment with millennial clients. You’ll discuss:

  • What therapists should know about acceptable use of cell phones and texts to build rapport, enhance sessions, and maintain connection within and between meetings
  • Guidelines for how best to offer advice and direction about almost all aspects of life with millennial clients
  • Strategies for how to argue with millennial clients as well as show caring in the interest of strengthening the therapeutic connection
  • How to match the pace of banter, multifocusing, and style of therapist self-disclosure that characterizes what millennial clients need in treatment


Continued with workshop 502

Ron Taffel, PhD, chair of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, is the author of eight professional and popular books and over 100 articles on therapy and family life.

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