409, 509 – A Day for Therapists of Color

Exploring Our Untold Stories
Parts 1 & 2
Kenneth Hardy

For all the progress we’ve made since the Civil Rights movement, racism is woven into the very fabric of our economic, social, and political institutions. And despite the progressive political attitudes of most therapists, people of color still experience special challenges in the mental health field. This day-long experiential session is an opportunity to create a community in which we can address common concerns, offer each other support, and share our strategies for dealing with the obstacles we face in a profession where people of color often feel invisible. You’ll explore:

  • How to deal with issues of race both within the therapy room and our work and training settings
  • The distinctive challenges therapists of color feel at different career stages
  • Strategies for finding our voice as therapists and as full participants in the wider professional community
  • How to approach issues of social justice that go beyond the purview of the traditional therapeutic worldview


Continued with workshop 509

Kenneth Hardy, PhD, is director of the Eikenberg Institute for Relationships and professor of marriage and family therapy at Drexel University.

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