413, 513 – The Craft of Treating Trauma

Four Core Skills
Parts 1 & 2
Deany Laliotis

How does a therapist know how to navigate the emotional landscape with a client when the present is more about the past? How do we help the client whose motivation for change is compromised? This workshop offers a conceptual framework from contemporary models of psychotherapy and a practical, phase-oriented approach to working with complicated, dysregulated trauma clients that’s about methodology as well as craft. You’ll explore how to:

  • Effectively manage a client’s moment-to moment experience, especially when they’re feeling overwhelmed or dissociated
  • Relate to and negotiate with the “parts” at the core of a client’s extreme
  • Motivate clients to more fully pursue their therapeutic goals
  • Identify key nodal experiences shaping not only clients’ current symptoms, but their lives and identity in general


Continued with workshop 513

Deany Laliotis, LICSW, is a trainer, clinical consultant, and practitioner of EMDR. She’s on the faculty of EMDR Institute, Inc., and is the codirector of EMDR of Greater Washington.

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