522 – From Clinician to CEO

Taking Charge of Your Practice
Casey Truffo

Many private practitioners think the only answer to increasing income is seeing more clients. But it takes more than marketing and good clinical work to have a financially viable practice. This workshop will offer a model for approaching your practice as a small business of which you are the CEO. It’ll focus on helping you develop effective policies and procedures to reduce effort, help you make sound business decisions, and become more profitable. In this workshop, you’ll explore how to:

  • Effectively manage the five roles of the therapy business CEO: visionary, marketer, CFO, operations manager, and clinician
  • Document the “client journey” into your practice: how a client finds you, what you say on the intake call, how you set fees and schedule appointments, and your cancellation/rescheduling agreements
  • Develop a vision of where you want your practice to be in 10 years and how to get there


Note: Check with your board to verify that it accepts CE credit for business development.

Casey Truffo, MS, MFT, is a business coach teaching therapists to become confident CEOs of their therapy businesses. Her books include Be a Wealthy Therapist and From Clinician to Confident CEO.

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