607 – Mastering the Five Core Skills of Mindfulness

The Key to Developing a Consistent Mindfulness Practice
Terry Fralich

Even though mindfulness has become ubiquitous in our profession, it often remains a challenge to motivate clients to bring practices into their everyday lives. In this workshop, you’ll explore a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to helping clients incorporate mindfulness into their daily routine to treat a diverse range of issues. You’ll discover:

  • The Five Core Skills of mindfulness—setting intentions, cultivating awareness, stabilizing attention, self-regulation, nurturing loving kindness—that form the foundation of transformative mindfulness practices
  • Key neuroscience insights such as the effective drivers of neuroplasticity and implicit memory that are critical to changing the brain
  • How to identify and transform clients’ unhealthy core negative beliefs and patterns by teaching an accessible brain-changing mindfulness practice


Terry Fralich, LCPC, JD, is a clinical counselor and cofounder of the Mindfulness Center of Southern Maine. He’s taught more than 300 seminars and trainings throughout the world and has authored several books on mindfulness, including The Five Core Skills of Mindfulness: A Direct Path to More Confidence, Joy and Love.

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