609 – Internet Marketing Boot Camp for Clinicians

Strategies for Generating Referrals
Joe Bavonese

Although the internet has become the biggest referral source for private practitioners, many therapists feel overwhelmed when trying to keep up with all the latest marketing approaches, newest mobile devices (which now account for 60 percent of searches for therapy), and other ways to promote their practices online. Designed for both beginners and advanced computer users, this workshop will eliminate overwhelm by offering proven methods—both free and paid—to tap into this abundant source of referrals. You’ll learn how to apply the latest approaches to e-marketing to:

  • Design the content of your website to maximize the probability of converting visitors to clients
  • Position your website in a way that generates consistent local referrals
  • Create an effective paid advertising campaign for your practice on Google or Facebook
  • Differentiate between the hype and reality of social media marketing


Note: Check with your board to verify that it accepts CE credit for business development.

Joe Bavonese, PhD, a licensed psychologist, is director of the Relationship Institute and cofounder of Uncommon Practices, a business-training organization for therapists.

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