614 – In Search of Clinical Wisdom

Exploring the Insights of Advanced Practice
Jay Efran & Robert Fauber

Clinicians like to believe that they’ve become more accomplished and more effective as they accumulate “clinical wisdom” over the course of their careers. But what exactly does that mean? This workshop, designed for both senior therapists and those at earlier stages of their careers, will provide an opportunity to discuss the personal and clinical insights we’ve gleaned through years of experience, and to consider how such insights have changed the way we work with and relate to our clients. You’ll explore:

  • How our conception of the therapist’s role has changed over the years and as well as how we treat our craft now vs as trainees
  • Ways we’ve reacted to shifts in theory and the proliferation of new methods and the kinds of clients who still stump us and keep us up at night
  • How as therapists we’ve become more passive or active, less or more self-disclosing


Jay Efran, PhD, is professor emeritus of psychology at Temple University. He’s coauthor of Language, Structure and Change: Frameworks of Meaning in Psychotherapy and The Tao of Sobriety: Helping You Recover from Alcohol and Drug Addiction.

Robert Fauber, PhD, is associate professor of psychology and the associate director of clinical training at Temple University.



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