620 – Keeping the Inspiration Alive

Ways to Embody Your Symposium Experience
Jody Wager & Naomi Nim

While at Symposium’s end you may feel exhilarated by all the new ideas you’ve been exposed to, that excitement may, despite your best intentions, dissipate once you return to your habitual routines. In this experiential workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to consolidate your Symposium learnings through structured movement improvisation, free writing, and embodied self-awareness. You’ll explore:

  • An integrative mind-body approach to embody learning from the Symposium
  • Three dance/movement therapy skills to help you be more present, grounded, and self-aware while working with clients
  • The role of witnessing oneself and others through the Authentic Movement model of dance/movement therapy


Jody Wager, MS, BC-DMT, is director of the Expressive Therapy Department and a senior dance therapist at Dominion Hospital. She currently serves as president of the American Dance Therapy Association.

Naomi Nim, EdD, MS, LPC, BC-DMT, is a psychotherapist and dance/movement therapist in Washington, DC.

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