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More than we ever anticipated, the theme of this year’s Networker Symposium, The Courage to Connect: Shaping our Future in an Age of Uncertainty, seems to fit the mood of a good part of the country. But one thing is sure—in these divisive times, insularity is no longer an option. We all need to find the courage to connect, even with people whose outlook may be different from our own, and to find ways to kindle our bonds with fellow tribe members who share our values and vision of what our profession and society stand for.

So this year’s Symposium offers the promise of finding hope, inspiration, practical advice, and wise understanding (not to mention CE credits!) to nurture our spirits, strengthen our determination to forge ahead, and widen our perspective on the role therapists can play in the broader society. The Symposium is our chance to get what we need to renew our sense of calling and feel connected to a wider professional community that will enable us to help our clients meet the challenges they face in conducting their own lives.

What makes this occasion particularly exciting is that this year marks the Networker’s 40th anniversary—and our 40th Symposium—which means we’ve had a lot of practice, over a lot of years, in conveying a sense of both courage and connection. And for this event, we’ve never before assembled such a large, wide-ranging, or more celebrated group of teachers and presenters. Included in our faculty of over 100 of the field’s leading figures are our featured speakers Brené Brown, Dan Siegel, Bessel van der Kolk, and Joan Borysenko. And as Bill Doherty, another featured speaker, puts it in his stirring cover story in the upcoming January issue of the Networker: “Our world needs what therapists have to offer. We’re connectors, glue makers. We understand the complexity of the human spirit. We know that embracing differences is difficult but life enhancing.”

If you’ve been pondering what role you can play as a therapist and a citizen in the new era we’re beginning together, you couldn’t choose a better place to develop your vision for the road ahead than among your fellow professional tribe members at this year’s Networker Symposium.


Rich Simon

Editor, Psychotherapy Networker

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