102 – Discover Your Inner Dancer

Learning to Let Yourself Move
Baba Richard Gonzalez & Company

We all admire the grace, fluidity, and freedom dancers express, and their ability to step out of ordinary life into the realm of pure, rhythmic movement. But few of us feel we have the ability—or the nerve—to do much dancing ourselves. In this workshop, you’ll learn about the practical craft of dancing—basic Afro-Carribbean dance movements, different kinds of rhythms, and the physical language of expressive symbolic movements. Whatever your experience with dance, explore how to cast off self-judgment, and learn how to wholeheartedly throw yourself into the larger healing dance of life. You’ll have an opportunity to:

  • Move beyond your inhibitions and expressive limitations
  • Reframe the moment of being in the limelight as one to savor and not to fear
  • Explore how rehearsal skills can build your self-assurance in other settings
  • Immerse yourself in traditional African-infused Caribbean dances


Note: No CE credit for this workshop.

Baba Richard Gonzalez is an award-winning, seasoned teacher, interpreter, choreographer, and performer of Afro-Caribbean folkloric and contemporary dance, who’s shared the stage with some of our most notable artists during his 37year career. His teaching exhibits a strong fusion of the African, Spanish, and Taino influences of the Caribbean. 

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