106 – The Path of the Shaman

Evoking Alternative Realities in the Consulting Room
Irene Siegel

The modern therapist and the ancient shaman share a desire to alter negative mindsets, create healing, and inspire transformation. In fact, therapists can learn from shamans’ recognition of multidimensional realities and the power of altered consciousness, as well as their ability to access inner teachers or guides. Through guided mediation and other exercises, this experiential workshop will help you discover how to translate traditional shamanic healing into a Western psychotherapeutic framework. You’ll explore:

  • How to access inherent skills of inner vision, inner hearing, deep intuitive knowing, and kinesthetic sense
  • Shamanic philosophy and techniques, such as energy balancing and soul retrieval, that can help with ego integration, internal resourcing, and emotional regulation
  • How to walk between the ordinary and nonordinary worlds, accessing inner guides and animal allies to accelerate client healing as inner wisdom and soul awareness emerge


Note: No CE credit for this workshop.

Irene Siegel, PhD, LCSW, has an integrative psychotherapy practice. She studied shamanism throughout the Americas, teaches integration of Western psychotherapy with ancient healing arts, and is the author of The Sacred Path of the Therapist and Eyes of the Jaguar.

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