210, 310 – Treating the Traumatized Child and Family

A Step-by-Step Family Systems Approach
Scott Sells

Parts 1 & 2

It’s not easy when a therapist who’s meeting a traumatized family only possesses the tools to treat an individual child. Unfortunately, until now, systemic treatment for the traumatized family has been limited. In this workshop, you’ll gain tools based in systems theory for working effectively with both child and family. You’ll discover:

  • Systems approaches to cases involving cultural differences, inner-city youth, complex grief, domestic violence, and sexual abuse
  • How to use handouts and assessment tools to help you quickly diagnose and treat trauma in both the child and family
  • Structural and strategic directives called “wound playbooks” to help family members quickly clarify their roles in dysfunctional sequences, develop a collaborative plan of action to address problems, and heighten abilities to experience connection in the here and now
  • Concrete tools to work with families and communities who experience catastrophic events such as mass shootings, hurricanes, floods, and fires

Continued with workshop 310


Scott Sells, PhD, is the CEO and founder of Parenting with Love and Limits. He’s the author of Treating the Tough Adolescent and Parenting Your Out-of-Control Teenager, and coauthor of Treating the Traumatized Child: A Step-by-Step Family System Approach.

Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Scott Sells is the clinical director for the Kansas City Child Guidance Center. He founded the Parenting with Love and Limits model. Dr. Sells is an author and receives royalties.
Non-financial: Scott Sells has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.

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