217 – Therapy and Our Polarized and Polarizing Culture

How We Can Promote Healing
Michael Alcée

How can we make sense of the polarizing culture confronting us in today’s political sphere, on the internet, and in our client’s everyday lives? As therapists, what can we do to reconcile and heal these divisions? This workshop will use the relational concepts of multiplicity, enactment, and dissociation to provide a framework for understanding and addressing this timely issue, focusing on ways of expanding what Walt Whitman famously referred to as our capacity for “containing multitudes.” You’ll discover:

  • How individual and collective trauma fuel polarization and close down possibilities for creative repair and growth
  • How technology, the media, and our cultural obsession with perfection plays into polarizing tendencies on both sides of the political aisle, and what can be done about it
  • How relational concepts like multiplicity, dissociation, and enactment can help therapists better understand and redress these issues at an individual, group, and societal level


Note: This workshop fulfills many state board requirements for training in cultural competency.

Michael Alcée, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and speaker with a background in music, literature, and art. He helps individuals, organizations, and schools make innovative connections to create systemic change.

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