412, 512 – Transforming the Difficult Child

The Nurtured Heart Approach
Howard Glasser

Parts 1 & 2

Too often therapists working with difficult or intense children inadvertently reward a child’s negativity by increasing their own energy level in countertherapeutic ways. They may also lower their own energy level when considering what these children do well—sometimes even ignoring the positives altogether. As a result, these kids may come to believe that their positive behaviors and inherent goodness go unseen by adults. A better way to handle intense kids is to embrace their successes in highly energized ways that help them build “inner wealth.” In this workshop, you’ll discover how to:

  • Use techniques like “radical appreciation” and “profound recognition” to encourage positive behavior and help children to internalize a growing sense of inner competence
  • Convey deeply nourishing expressions of appreciation that fulfill the child’s craving for connection
  • Offer families clear and empowering feedback about how their traditional, well-intentioned parenting strategies are backfiring
  • Inspire intense and difficult children to become more collaborative and make wiser choices

Continued with workshop 512


Howard Glasser, MA, is the founder and board chairman of the Children’s Success Foundation, creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach, and author of Transforming the Difficult Child.

Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Howard Glasser is the executive director of the Children’s Success Foundation. He is the creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach®. Mr. Glasser is the author of Transforming the Difficult Child.
Non-financial: Howard Glasser has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.

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