418 – A Time for Senior Clinicians

Facing Our Late Career Challenges
David Treadway

As they move through the more advanced stages of their careers, senior therapists can enhance their work by exploring the impact of their own aging on their lives and clinical perspective. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the insights we’ve gleaned through decades of experience that have changed the way we work with and relate to our clients. We’ll share how clients’ projections on us as all-wise elders, the loss of colleagues and friends, run-ins with medical issues, and the prospect of retirement all shape our experience as healers. You’ll discover:

  • How your evolving therapeutic style and role that comes with age can benefit your clients
  • How other older therapists have effectively responded to shifts in the field and the proliferation of new methods in ways that have best served their clients
  • How your own issues with aging effect your work with your clients and how theirs can be helpful to you
  • Methods for navigating the challenges of moving into the next stage of your personal and professional life


David Treadway, PhD, is a therapist who’s been giving workshops and trainings for 40 years. He’s a long-time contributor to Psychotherapy Networker and the author of Treating Couples Well and four other books.

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