421 – Focusing and the Felt Sense

Engaging the Wisdom of the Body
Joan Klagsbrun

There’s a resource, implicit in each of us, that has the capacity to accelerate the healing process and make therapy more effective. Focusing invites clients to pause and access their “felt sense,” or implicit body wisdom, which lies right at the edge of awareness. Once they’ve discovered their felt sense, clients can speak from their feelings instead of about them, and are often released from stuck places. This workshop will demonstrate how the Focusing process can be integrated into any kind of therapeutic orientation. You’ll discover how to:

  • Apply Focusing to your current therapeutic approach and expand clients’ access to their somatic self and nonverbal awareness
  • Use Focusing to enhance clients’ capacity for insight and to work with emotional issues in a gentle yet powerful manner
  • Implement Focusing with specific types of cases, including clients dealing with serious illness, anxiety, or depression
  • Use Focusing to enhance your own well-being as a therapist


Joan Klagsbrun, PhD, a psychologist, is adjunct faculty at Lesley University. She developed the CD “Focusing- Listening to the Deeper Self,” and the video “A Focusing Approach to Life-Changing Illness.”

Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Joan Klagsbrun is in private practice. She is an adjunct faculty at Lesley University.
Non-financial: Joan Klagsbrun is a member of the American Psychological Association; and the Massachusetts Psychological Association.

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