425 – Healing Parent-Child Cutoffs

Helping the Rejected Parent Make Things Right Again
Ron Taffel

Well-meaning parents who’ve been rejected by their children of all ages are often in tremendous pain. While they may be outwardly hurt and angry, internally they’re silently wrestling with shame and questions like “How could my own child seem to not love me, or even like me?” They may feel less than human, and worry if anything can be done to heal ruptures with their children that seem destined to last a lifetime. This workshop will help therapists address failed relationships between a parent and children of all ages. You’ll discover:

  • Parent and therapist guidelines for reengaging children alienated by seemingly unforgivable acts, bitter divorces, and ongoing family triangulation
  • Strategies that stop mutually abusive dances due to temperamental differences, compulsive criticism, and holding on to hurts and disappointments
  • Techniques to foster nondefensive listening, metaphors that reframe the past, and rituals that ease intergenerational trauma
  • How to turn unrelenting rejection around by stopping the pursuer-distancer dynamic, lessening angry martyrdom, and easing the paralyzing fear of making things worse


Ron Taffel, PhD, chair of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, is the author of eight professional and popular books and over 100 articles on therapy and family life.

Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Ron Taffel founded the Family Therapy Division at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy. He is the chairman of the Board of Directors at the Institute.
Non-financial: Ron Taffel has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.

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