Friday Dinner Event

Cry Havoc: A Solo Play of Trauma and Transformation
Stephan Wolfert

After seven years in the US Army, and struggling with a full-blown case of PTSD and alcohol addiction, one evening Stephan Wolfert stepped into a local theater and saw a production of Shakespeare’s Richard III. In this classic play, he heard an echo of his own experience as a soldier. Now, using Shakespeare’s timeless words interwoven with his own memories, actor/veteran Wolfert has created Cry Havoc, a critically-acclaimed solo play that brings us face-to-face with the challenges our soldiers encounter when they return from combat and find themselves unable to be “non-combat ready.”

As the Boston Globe wrote, “When Wolfert describes or reenacts an episode of battle from the recent past, and then suddenly unleashes a burst of Shakespeare written more than four centuries ago, the effect is to bathe the episode in a searing, almost blinding light.” The founder of DE-CRUIT, a program helping vets transition to civilian life, Wolfert will not only offer a powerful theater experience, but enhance your clinical imagination.

Objective: In this event, introduced by Networker editor Rich Simon, you’ll explore the application of stage skills in transforming trauma.


Approved for one hour of CE credit if you register for this dinner event

Stephan Wolfert, MFA, is an actor, director, writer, and teaching artist. The founder of DE-CRUIT, he received a certificate of appreciation from the City Council of Los Angeles for his work with Shakespeare & Veterans.

Rich Simon, PhD, is editor of Psychotherapy Networker.

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