Harriet Lerner: “Healing Betrayals Large and Small”

Friday Luncheon Address

Psychologist Harriet Lerner has played a major role in our understanding of the psychology of women and families. Her scholarly publications and bestselling books, starting with The Dance of Anger, have helped millions of people to navigate the swamps and quicksands of difficult relationships with clarity, courage, and joyous conviction.

Now, she’s shifted her research attention to the bewildering dynamics of apologies and forgiveness. In her latest book, Why Won’t You Apologize?, she explores the power of the heartfelt apology, and the challenge of healing disconnections when “I’m sorry” isn’t enough. She also addresses the excruciating pain of the hurt party who has received a bad apology or none at all, and explains how our misguided notions of forgiveness may deepen the injury.

In this address, with her characteristic wit and wisdom, Lerner will take a fresh look at the complicated and mysterious process of how we heal the hurts we give and receive. You’ll consider:

  • What drives the non-apologizer and the female over-apologizer, and how to help a hurt client get through to a defensive wrongdoer


Approved for 1 CE hour if you register for this luncheon event

Harriet Lerner, PhD, is an expert on the psychology of women and a bestselling author. Her latest book is Why Won’t You Apologize? Healing Big Betrayals and Everyday Hurts.


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