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Symposium 2017!
Click through the slideshow to check out some key moments from last year’s Symposium, “The Courage to Connect.”

Here’s What Your Colleagues Are Saying about Symposium

“The Symposium is way too much fun to miss!”

“This is such a wonderful experience—educational, entertaining, and energizing”

“I use what I learned at Symposium every day in my practice.”

“I feel so much more on top of what’s happening in the field just by attending every year.”

“The Symposium has always been my favorite way to get CE credits.”

“This is the best investment I can make in myself and my practice.”

“I always walk away with so much clinically useful information.”

“The energy at the Symposium was AMAZING!”

“It was awesome to dance, connect. and listen to fabulous speakers.”

“So many great teachers under one roof.”

“The Symposium is unique—a therapeutic experience for those of us doing therapy.”

“There’s a magic to the Symposium I just don’t experience at any other conference.”

“Coming to the Symposium every year reaffirms my professional identity.”

“I love the general of intellectual excitement and challenge.”

“I always feel a renewed sense of purpose coming home from the Symposium.”

“My husband said, ‘This meeting is really something else. We don’t have dance parties at engineering conferences.’”

“What a warm, inviting atmosphere.”

“Such an exciting and mind-stretching experience.”

“I love the feeling of being there with my professional tribe.”

“The best conference I’ve ever been to.”

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