The Symposium Experience: Get a Taste!

What’s makes the Networker Symposium such a unique and vibrant learning experience each year? Here’s a taste of what you’re colleagues are saying about the most celebrated annual conference in our field—a bona fide festival of clinical learning, conversation, personal and professional inspiration, and a lot more.



Whatever you’re looking for to take your practice to the next level (inspiration, new tools, revitalization, a chance to dance and connect with your peers) you’re sure to find it. But don’t just take our word for it—read to the glowing reviews from your colleagues!


It feels like both a mini-vacation and a time to soak up new ideas for my practice.
I loved being in a caring community where people truly spoke my language.
I like the vibe of the Symposium!
The Symposium is just always sooo good!
It’s rejuvenating to be in an atmosphere that’s warm and playful and not in the least stuffy.
The Symposium is such a wonderful “tribal” experience—educational, entertaining, and energizing.
This event reinvigorates my passion for being in this profession.
I love the festive spirit of the Symposium!
The Symposium is my chance to get exposed to cutting-edge tools and techniques each year.
All the special touches make us feel like welcomed members of a very special tribe!
I’m so moved by how music and dance are woven into the Symposium experience.
The best speakers, the best location, the best volunteer staff!
This conference is so different than anything I’ve ever attended before!
This is the best conference I’ve ever attended!

video by Dylan Hintz

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