October 15, 2019

112 - Ancient Wisdom for Today’s Ailments

Connecting the Body, Mind, and Spirit

The long-term impact of trauma and stress are more than just mental health issues: they’re at the root of almost 80 percent of chronic illnesses in our modern culture. But ancient spiritual practices involving guided imagery, chanting, drawing, and movement allow us to reconnect with the innate healing power of our bodies, minds, and spirits. Experience processes that deepen access to the imagination and the inner wisdom that can guide personal journeys of growth, resilience, and recovery in a range of clinical contexts and settings. You’ll explore: 

  • How to use the genogram to help clients build resilience and hope, and attune to their sense of well-being 
  • Guided imagery practices to use with clients in therapy as well as community settings to help heal the body and heighten experiences of personal growth 
  • Practical exercises involving writing, drawing, and chanting that re-establish a connection with the heart when trauma and stress have shut off that channel to inner wisdom 
  • How to use music and movement in sessions to get around emotional blocks without spoken words 

Sabrina N’Diaye, PhD, LCSW-C, is an integrative psychotherapist, storyteller, and peacebuilder, based in Baltimore, MD. Her first book is The Laugh of Love. 

Note: This workshop is available as self-study credit.


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