October 15, 2019

203 - Taming the Amygdala

A Brain-Based Approach to Anxiety

New understandings in neuroscience have highlighted the central role the amygdala plays in anxiety. But how many of us can talk with our clients about the amygdala in a clear, engaging way that actually enhances treatment? This workshop provides brain-based techniques that directly target the symptoms of anxiety at the neurological source. Discover effective strategies—designed to fit how the amygdala learns—that target triggers, panic attacks, nausea, and sleep problems. You’ll explore how to: 

  • Demystify the neurobiology of anxiety by introducing clients to the language of the amygdala in a way that engages them in treatment and makes interventions more effective 
  • Use neurologically informed CBT techniques to target the amygdala’s contributions to anxiety disorders, including OCD and PTSD 
  • Use cognitive restructuring, including cognitive defusion and reconsolidation, to resist cognitions that ignite amygdala-based responding 

Catherine Pittman, PhD, HSPP, is a clinical psychologist and psychology professor at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, with more than 25 years of experience treating anxiety. A specialist in neuropsychological rehabilitation, she’s the coauthor of Rewire Your Anxious Brain. 

Note: This workshop is live.


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