October 15, 2019

507 - Teaching Men Love

How to Challenge Traditional Masculinity’s Playbook

The ability to feel love is not the same thing as being able to show and sustain it. Many men don’t know how to do things like be vulnerable, articulate emotional needs, or ask for help—all of which run counter to traditional masculinity’s playbook. This workshop will focus on how to teach men to handle themselves in more loving ways, even if that sometimes requires a complete deconstruction and reconstruction of what it means to be man. Learn how to: 

  • Help men disarm an upset partner with humility and generosity instead of defensive argument 
  • Increase men’s willingness to cherish both themselves and their relationship with their partner 
  • Help men grow more of what they want from their partner through actively appreciating what they’re already getting 
  • Get therapeutic “buy in” from even difficult men by enlisting their own best self-interest 

Terry Real, LICSW, is the author of the bestselling I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression and has been featured on numerous national news programs. He’s the founder of The Relational Life Institute, where he does therapist trainings and workshops for couples. 

Note: This workshop is available as self-study credit.


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