December 22, 2020

401 - The Gottman Connection

Exploring the Ultimate Clinical Assistant

Teletherapy can be challenging—and couples teletherapy can be doubly so. You’re managing a therapeutic relationship with two clients simultaneously while guiding them to manage their own—all in real time and across a screen. Using clips of actual teletherapy sessions, discover how to take couples teletherapy to the next level with a new scientifically based relationship assessment method and software platform that’s accessed by both clinicians and couples, helping clients practice what they learn long after a session is over. With the therapist’s guidance, the Relationship Builder helps couples restore and strengthen effective conflict management, emotional connection and friendship, romance and sex life, trust and commitment, physiological calmness and resilience, and shared meaning system. Explore how to:

  • Do a thorough teletherapy assessment of a relationship’s strengths, challenges, and moment-by-moment dynamics, so therapists can focus on relevant interventions only
  • Integrate a set of new online teletherapeutic tools that can be used with couples living together or apart for building essential relationship skills
  • Help couples deal with conflicts and difficulties between sessions by using the Relationship Builder to access appropriate tools and exercises

Julie Gottman, PhD, is cofounder and president of The Gottman Institute. The author of five books, she’s cocreator of the The Art and Science of Love weekend workshops for couples, and the Gottman international clinical training program.

John Gottman, PhD, is cofounder of The Gottman Institute. The author of hundreds of journal articles and 48 books, he’s received numerous awards for his marriage and family research.

Note: This is workshop is live.


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