October 16, 2019

103 - Relational EMDR as a Transformational Journey

The Power of Attunement

While EMDR is best known for the treatment of PTSD, it’s evolved into a comprehensive, attachment-based approach that addresses a broad range of clinical conditions. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to enhance the power of EMDR by heightening the therapist’s use of self and creating an attuned experience that enables clients to process painful experiences that have been previously avoided or denied. We’ll explore how to assess a client’s readiness for the emotional challenges of bringing the past into present-day awareness, and the trust in the therapist required to embark on this difficult journey. You’ll discover: 

  • The Adaptive Information Processing model of EMDR therapy that informs how present difficulties are informed by past experiences 
  • Relational strategies to navigate the moment-to-moment demands in and out of memory processing 
  • How to identify a therapeutic impasse and explore what’s needed to move the process forward 
  • How to negotiate the rules of engagement with clients, making it possible to navigate the uncertain territory of trauma processing 

Deany Laliotis, LICSW, is a trainer, clinical consultant, and practitioner of EMDR. She’s the director of training for EMDR Institute, Inc., and is the codirector of EMDR of Greater Washington.

Note: This workshop is live.


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