October 16, 2019

406 - Low-Sex and Sexless Couples

The Rediscovery of Pleasure

How do you help couples in low-sex and sexless relationships? This workshop will uncover where lack of desire originates and how to treat desire discrepancy using contemporary interventions and treatment models. Through real case studies, we’ll focus on three areas that are often at the root of low- or no-sex marriages—pleasure resistance, avoidance, and rejection—and the most effective strategies to help couples achieve sexual empathy and long-term erotic recovery. You’ll discover: 

  • Techniques to work with couples around desire vs. arousal and performance vs. pleasure 
  • How to create individualized models for treatment using integrative sex and couples therapy when treating sexual dysfunction   
  • Clinical strategies for healing arousal dysfunction, renewing and rekindling desire, and integrating a trauma model into your work 
  • How to address the three areas of pleasure disorder, and why they often involve issues around betrayal, trust, identity, and self-esteem 

Tammy Nelson, PhD, is a board-certified sexologist, Imago therapist, TEDx speaker, and the author of several books. She’s the director of the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute. 

Note: This is workshop is live.


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