October 17, 2019

504 - A Shame-Free Path to Cultural Competence

Rising to the Challenge

Even with an increased appreciation of the importance of multicultural awareness, many therapists feel confused about how to work effectively with clients from different cultural backgrounds. Too often, fear of even inadvertently offending a client constrains them and flattens the therapeutic experience. Fortunately, most therapists already possess the tools they need to reduce misunderstandings and repair relationships when unintentional transgressions occur. Exploring cultural issues beyond ethnicity (gender, religion, age, etc.), this workshop will offer practical strategies to help you feel more comfortable in your ability to meet the needs of whomever you have the opportunity to serve. You’ll discover: 

  • Specific strategies to address cultural differences as well as reduce and repair offenses that can damage the therapeutic relationship 
  • How to identify and incorporate a variety of culturally relevant influencing factors in treatment 
  • Ways to increase cultural self-awareness and other-awareness to improve rapport building in sessions 

Lambers Fisher, LMFT, MDiv, is a therapist, supervisor, and adjunct instructor of multicultural awareness and diversity. He has over 17 years of experience counseling clients from a variety of backgrounds in private practice and faith-based environments. 

Note: This is workshop is live. It also fulfills many state board requirements for training in cultural competency.


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