October 17, 2019

305 - A Journey into Transgender Mental Health

Transcending the Binary

When seeking care, nothing is scarier to transgender individuals than a provider who’s poorly informed about the issues facing their community. From discrimination and harassment to mental health issues and the process of transitioning, having a clinician who’s informed and affirmative can make a huge difference in ensuring transgender individuals get the help they need, ultimately decreasing the risk of suicide in this population. Through firsthand accounts coupled with clinical information, this workshop will explore how you can be an affirmative provider. You’ll discover: 

  • Areas of common clinical concern and treatment when working with transgender individuals 
  • How gender dysphoria is commonly experienced   
  • The medical, social, and psychological aspects of transitioning that all therapists should be aware of 
  • The critical aspects of incorporating trans-affirmative care into your practice 

Noah Garcia, MA, LPC-S, NCC, is a licensed professional counselor and owner of NextQuest Counseling in Austin, TX, and a clinical consultant on LGBTQIA+ issues, particularly those facing the transgender community. 

Note: This workshop is live. It also fulfills many state board requirements for training in cultural competency.


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