October 17, 2019

202 - Overcoming Hopelessness

Working with Low- and No-Motivation Clients

One of the greatest challenges a therapist can face is when a client feels hopeless about the possibility of change. But whether this sense is due to doubts about therapy or the intransigent nature of their struggles, current research challenges the widespread assumption that clients must be strongly motivated in order to change. The Creative Relational Movement (CRM) approach is a set of ideas and practices that stimulates clients to engage in therapy, even when their motivation is low. You’ll discover: 

  • How to apply the five principles of CRM with “last chance” couples as well as with clients suffering from depression, anxiety, and substance abuse 
  • How to use the integrative Therapeutic Palette approach to help clients engage in their treatment, even when they may not see the point 
  • Specific mindfulness practices that facilitate immediate psychophysiological change 
  • How to offer “experiments in possibility,” even if they feel unnatural or even irrational at first 

Peter Fraenkel, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and associate professor at City College of New York. He’s the author of numerous publications, including Sync Your Relationship, Save Your Marriage, and the forthcoming books Relationships on the Brink: Last Chance Couple Therapy and The Complete Guide to Couple Therapy: From Happy to Last Chance Across the Lovespan. 

Note: This workshop is live.


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