December 2, 2020

608 - Untangling Toxic Relationships

Helping Clients Release Abusive Cycles

Helping clients disentangle themselves from a toxic relationship is difficult but important work, especially when powerful “trauma bonds” continuously draw them back to emotionally or physically abusive partners in an unconscious attempt to heal past wounds. How can therapists guide clients toward a conscious awareness of what’s keeping their relationship toxic and emotionally transactional? And how can we determine if a trauma-bond dynamic can be repaired in a relationship? In this workshop, learn a specific process to help clients recognize the spectrum of toxic relationships, heal the wounds that create trauma bonds, and rediscover their Self. You’ll discover how to:

  • Map the five stages of the trauma bond so clients can recognize the patterns in their relationship, reduce shame, and build pathways for change 
  • Explore concrete tools to help clients reclaim and reparent the Self 
  • Use an experiential “cord-cutting” intervention that releases clients from toxic dynamics to open themselves to post-traumatic growth 

Laura Copley, PhD, LPC, is the Director of Aurora Counseling & Wellbeing and Founder of The Life Pathways and an international speaker on toxic relationships. 

Note: This workshop is available as self-study credit.


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