Saturday Afternoon

501 - The Wheel of Awareness

Consciousness and the Process of Change

The Wheel of Awareness is a visual metaphor for the way the mind works and […]

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502 - Accelerating Therapy with DBT Interventions

Breakthrough Techniques with Your Toughest Clients

Clinicians frequently struggle with clients who are “stuck”—miserable yet unwilling or unable to move forward. […]

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503 - Parenting through IFS

From Tears to Transformation

For all its joys, parenting is often a roller coaster of challenges. Even when parents […]

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504 - A Shame-Free Path to Cultural Competence

Rising to the Challenge

Even with an increased appreciation of the importance of multicultural awareness, many therapists feel confused […]

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505 - The Defining Decade

What 20-somethings Really Want from Therapy

There are 50 million 20-somethings in the U.S. and, more than ever, they’re looking for therapists. Yet too few clinicians specialize […]

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506 - The Misattuned Family

Techniques for Healing Attachment Trauma

Too many children feel hurt, angry, and disconnected from their parents, and too many parents […]

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507 - Teaching Men Love

How to Challenge Traditional Masculinity’s Playbook

The ability to feel love is not the same thing as being able to show […]

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508 - Trauma in the Urban Community

Exploring the Wider Context

There’s nothing “post” about the PTSD many people living in impoverished, urban communities experience daily. […]

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509 - Treating Suicide Risk with Competence and Confidence

How to Move Beyond Our Fears

The thought of a client dying by suicide can keep even experienced therapists up at […]

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510 - You Don’t Need to Be a Specialist to Treat Addiction

An Integrative Harm Reduction Approach

More than one-third of Americans struggle with addictive behaviors, whether it’s sex, substance use, eating, […]

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