Saturday Morning

401 - The Gottman Connection

Exploring the Ultimate Clinical Assistant

Teletherapy can be challenging—and couples teletherapy can be doubly so. You’re managing a therapeutic relationship […]

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402 - Tips and Tactics for Talking about Race

A Toolkit for Therapists

Racial injustice remains an important issue in all aspects of our society, and the world […]

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403 - Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals

Expanding the Self

Emotionally Focused Therapy is a well-known approach to couples treatment. But how can it translate to work […]

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404 - Mindfulness as Exposure Therapy

Avoiding the Avoidance Trap

Mindfulness is a popular intervention these days, well-supported by clinical research and brain-scan studies. But […]

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405 - Therapists as Agents of Hope

Our Role in a Game of Thrones World

With the toxic polarization of our society, most of us try to stay focused on […]

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406 - Low-Sex and Sexless Couples

The Rediscovery of Pleasure

How do you help couples in low-sex and sexless relationships? This workshop will uncover where lack […]

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407 - Psychotherapy and Neurobiology

Understanding the Science and Impact

Over the past 20 years, more and more therapists have devoted themselves to exploring the […]

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408 - Sexual Health and the Trauma Survivor

How the Therapist Can Help

Clients with sexual abuse histories often come to therapy with questions about their sexual expression […]

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409 - Social Justice as Healing Work

Moving Beyond Neutrality

Regardless of what brought them to therapy, our clients are clearly impacted by racism, sexism, […]

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410 - The New World of Psychopharmacology

Essential Updates for Mental Health Professionals

How many of your clients are taking psychotropic medicines prescribed by other healthcare professionals? Do […]

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