601 - Mental Health and the Black Community

A Conversation for the Psychotherapy Field

Therapists play a crucial role in today’s push for racial justice and healing racial trauma. […]

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602 - The Neurobiology of Healing Relationships

Trauma Work Meets Couples Therapy

Our ability to navigate hard conversations and find the courage to risk deep intimacy depends […]

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603 - Finding Meaning in Loss

The Sixth Stage of Grief

Many clients look for “closure” after a loss, but the process of finding meaning and […]

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604 - Unleashing the Power of Family Therapy

An Introduction to EFT with Families

By zeroing in on underlying attachment needs, Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) offers a powerful […]

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605 - New Perspectives on Porn

Its Uses and Misuses

True or false: porn desensitizes people to genuine intimacy? Or wait: is porn use a […]

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606 - Awakening Positive Emotional States

How Imagery, Movement, and Play Can Enhance Your Work

Research from brain science and positive psychology shows that awakening positive emotional states through experiential […]

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607 - The Accidental Sex Therapist

Sex Therapy Tools Anyone Can Use

When a client unexpectedly reveals a sexual problem, many clinicians find themselves thrust into the […]

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608 - Untangling Toxic Relationships

Helping Clients Release Abusive Cycles

Helping clients disentangle themselves from a toxic relationship is difficult but important work, especially when powerful “trauma bonds” continuously draw them […]

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609 - Becoming a Solution-Focused Therapist

How to Make Therapy Briefer and More Effective

While most traditional therapies tend to focus on the problem rather than the solution, Solution […]

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Break the Silence, Break the Cycle

Taraji P. Henson is an Academy Award nominee, a Golden Globe winner, and the star of the award-winning film Hidden Figures and […]

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