Networker Lifetime Achievement Award

From time to time, individuals come along who change the conversation and alter the course of the field of psychotherapy.

In recognition of those who make such extraordinary contributions, the Psychotherapy Networker Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a person or persons whose life’s work has had such an impact on our understanding of psychotherapy, on the way psychotherapists practice their craft, and on the lives of the people who are served by mental health professionals around the world.

The individuals honored by this award have dedicated themselves to furthering the scientific, philosophical, and practical foundations of psychotherapy, broadened our understanding of the human experience, and promoted awareness of and access to psychotherapy.

Previous recipients include:

  • Peter Levine
  • Mary Pipher
  • Irvin Yalom
  • Salvador Minuchin

The 2021 Award Recipients are John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman. They will be presented with the Award during a Special Evening Event at this year’s Psychotherapy Networker Symposium.


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