Cultural Competency & Ethics

105 - The Ethical Dilemmas in Today's Therapy

Clarifying Boundaries

The ethical rules for therapists used to be straightforward and unambiguous: no gifts, no dual […]

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207 - Racial Trauma and the Polyvagal Response

Mind-Body Healing for African American Clients

Not only are African Americans disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 due to rampant socioeconomic disparities, but […]

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304 - How to Heal a ‘Sista’

A Grassroots Approach to Helping Black Women

Although those in the Black community are 20 percent likelier than the general population to […]

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305 - A Journey into Transgender Mental Health

Transcending the Binary

When seeking care, nothing is scarier to transgender individuals than a provider who’s poorly informed […]

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309 - Healing Cultural Trauma with IFS

A Culturally Sensitive Approach

Despite an increased willingness in our profession to discuss issues of diversity, including race, sexuality, […]

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402 - Tips and Tactics for Talking about Race

A Toolkit for Therapists

Racial injustice remains an important issue in all aspects of our society, and the world […]

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409 - Social Justice as Healing Work

Moving Beyond Neutrality

Regardless of what brought them to therapy, our clients are clearly impacted by racism, sexism, […]

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410 - The New World of Psychopharmacology

Essential Updates for Mental Health Professionals

How many of your clients are taking psychotropic medicines prescribed by other healthcare professionals? Do […]

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504 - A Shame-Free Path to Cultural Competence

Rising to the Challenge

Even with an increased appreciation of the importance of multicultural awareness, many therapists feel confused […]

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507 - Teaching Men Love

How to Challenge Traditional Masculinity’s Playbook

The ability to feel love is not the same thing as being able to show […]

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