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The Quest for Healing in an Anxious Time

If anyone has escaped the impact of the seismic events of the past year, we have yet to meet that person. The multiple and repeated shocks to our systems have rocked our clients, our communities, our families, and, of course, ourselves. Since the advent of COVID-19, the proportion of people struggling with depression, anxiety, and trauma has soared. Therapists are the designated healers, but these are unprecedented times. There’s no treatment manual to consult in a pandemic, much less one interwoven with widespread racial injustice and extraordinary economic hardship. In the midst of such pervasive distress, how can we be truly helpful to others? And how can we take care of our own well-being?

These are among the urgent questions we’ll address at our 2021 Symposium, where dozens of prominent experts will join us to offer fresh perspectives on the science and craft of psychotherapy as well as its many challenges. You’ll discover inspiration and a sense of creative renewal no matter how you’re seeing clients—in the office, outdoors, or virtually.

And speaking of virtually, this year’s Symposium will be a vibrant virtual event—four days featuring a robust line-up of keynoters and workshop leaders as well as opportunities for interaction and creating community. You’ll meet colleagues from all over the world, hear their diverse perspectives, and get the chance to share your own.

We hope you’ll join us!


In Memoriam

Our beloved editor Rich Simon, the heart and soul of Psychotherapy Networker, passed away in November. Rich touched so many people with his brilliance, generous spirit, and insatiable curiosity. Over 44 years, he built up a dynamic community of passionate practitioners who’ve shaped the field in many ways. As we grieve this loss, we hold in our hearts a deep appreciation for all Rich inspired in us: the courage to always ask questions, to continually seek out what’s new and interesting in the field, and even to dance and sing in public.

And he’s taught us the importance of providing a nurturing environment for our professional community—our “tribe,” as he called it. We are dedicated to carrying Rich’s vision forward and offering pathways to healing amid the ongoing challenges in our world.


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