106 The Dance of Connection

Learning to Let Yourself Move

Dancing is an authentic expression of self, or as Martha Graham put it, “the hidden language of the soul.” But you don’t need to be a performer, learn complicated steps, or even follow anyone’s lead to speak this language. If you enjoy dancing, your soul will soar and your feet will follow! In this workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with yourself and others through dance and expressive movement. All fitness levels are welcome! As you’re supported and guided through an array of exercises designed to introduce you to restorative movements and ways to replenish your energy, you’ll discover how to:  

  • Release tension in your body through movement and breathing exercises 
  • Increase your energy level through a variety of movement opportunities 
  • Develop a sense of curiosity and play through expressive movement 
  • Strengthen your ability to improvise and move spontaneously and authentically 
  • Expand your personal movement repertoire and learn ways to use dance as self-care 

Note: No CE credit for this workshop. 

Jody Wager, MS, BC-DMT, is a dance therapist with 40 years of experience with clients of all ages and abilities. She’s the director of the expressive therapy department at Dominion Hospital, and the past president of the American Dance Therapy Association. 


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November 16, 2021
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