113 What’s New with Sex?

Expanding and Exploring the Therapeutic Comfort Zone

Working with sexuality and erotic behavior can challenge a therapist’s biases and countertransference around intimacy and relationships. This workshop will explore ways that therapists can face their own concerns and ask questions about anything sexual. We’ll explore the idea of sex clubs, BDSM, and polyamory. We’ll also look at the impact of technology on sexual behavior, with the advent of sex robots, teledildonics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Intense and fun, this workshop will include videos, expert speakers, and small-group discussion to help therapists face their own preconceived notions around sexuality and modern eroticism. You’ll explore: 

  • Your own sex-related stereotypes, resistance, confusion, and shame in order to create a safe, nonjudgmental environment for clients 
  • How to expand your ability to communicate about sexual issues in therapy, and help clients create new personal experiences for pleasure and growth 
  • Alternative sexual practices, including swinging, consensual nonmonogamy, Dom/sub relationships, fetishes, and BDSM 
  • Ways to process triggers and concerns that may be activated by unconventional sexual behavior 

Tammy Nelson, PhD, is a board-certified sexologist, Imago therapist, TEDx speaker, and the author of six books on sex and relationships. She’s the director of the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute. 


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November 16, 2021
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