118 The New Rules of Therapy

Ethics in the Modern World

No therapist wants to end up needing legal defense, but earning your ethics CEs doesn’t have to be a bore! In this workshop, you’ll dig into the hand-wringing dilemmas surrounding today’s important ethical quandaries with an attorney who’s also a psychologist. Rather than merely focusing on defensive issues, you’ll discuss the latest ways of keeping your license free and clear of complaints. You’ll also learn from real-life cases that highlight how to think about the legal and ethical considerations that inevitably pop up when doing the job you love. Understanding these rules is vital to striking a balance between legal requirements and effective clinical practice. You’ll discover how to: 

  • Develop strategies to maintain proper clinical boundaries in emotionally laden cases, such as when working with children of divorce and treating high-conflict clients 
  • Maintain good record-keeping practices that will benefit your practice and keep you out of court 
  • Balance the use of emails, cell phones, and texting during the course of treatment 
  • Recognize the appropriate use and inherent limitations of teletherapy  

Allan M. Tepper, JD, PsyD, is a forensic psychologist and a trial attorney in private practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He conducts ethics training throughout the United States, and he specializes in the legal defense of mental health professionals. 


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November 16, 2021
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