203/303 The Many Faces of EMDR Therapy

An Integrative Approach

People don’t often think of EMDR as psychotherapy. But these two paths to healing can coexist. So how do we reconcile EMDR therapy as a breakthrough treatment for PTSD and an attachment-based psychotherapy approach? Whether your client is struggling with a major single PTSD event or ongoing issues with self-esteem and relationships difficulties, the root cause is the same—memory, which informs our present-day experience. Through videotaped illustrations of actual clients, you’ll learn about the different ways EMDR can be applied to treat disturbing life experiences that have a lasting impact, and how the psychotherapy of EMDR can transform life-long difficulties with self and others, resulting in a more authentic sense of sense of self. You’ll discover:

  • How to identify past–present connections relating to the client’s current difficulties
  • How to treat a PTSD episode that has roots in developmental trauma
  • How EMDR psychotherapy evolves over time beyond the remission of symptoms
  • The relational component of memory work as part of the journey toward healing

Deany Laliotis LICSW, is a world renown trainer, consultant, and clinician in EMDR therapy. She’s authored several book chapters and articles on EMDR therapy and is the Founder and Director for The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy, Inc., in Washington, DC.


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November 23, 2021
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