206/306 Bringing the Body into Therapy

Clinical Tools from Relationship Repair and Somatic Experiencing

When it comes to tapping into clients’ natural resources for healing from trauma, the body is an invaluable tool. Not only does it store information about our early attachment experiences, but it shows the signs of epigenetic and transgenerational influences. The body reveals how trauma negatively impacts relationships with friends, partners, colleagues, and loved ones. But research and experience show that trauma behaviors aren’t set in stone. Pulling from the latest developments in Somatic Experiencing and neuroplasticity, this workshop will teach you a dynamic toolkit of body-oriented approaches for treating early developmental trauma as well as helping clients improve nervous-system regulation and repair relationships. You’ll explore: 

  • The neurophysiological and embodied underpinnings of healthy relationships 
  • How to create a vibrant experience of resilience and wholeness in your work 
  • How implicit memory shapes our physiological and psychological responses to trauma and recovery 
  • Three skills to work with the autonomic nervous system to rebound from trauma and overwhelm 

Abi Blakeslee, PhD, MFT, CMT, SEP, integrates Somatic Experiencing with clinical research, the psychobiological principals of attachment, psychodynamic therapy, and somatic bodywork in her US and International practice and trainings. She’s a faculty member at Somatic Experiencing International, as well as a legacy faculty member at Peter Levine’s Ergos Institute of Somatic Education. She’s also the cofounder of Relationship Repair Therapy.  


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November 15, 2021
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